Corgi Diecast Airplanes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Corgi diecast airplanes are among the leaders in model airplane replicas. Corgi diecast airplanes are highly detailed and represent a wide array of aviation related themes. From historical aircraft to commercial jet models, Corgi makes it all. Let's take a closer look at the Corgi company and what it's all about.

History of Corgi Diecast Airplanes

Corgi diecast airplanes aren't the only replicas in which the Corgi company specializes. Corgi actually began in the 1930s as a toy brand made by the Mettoy company of Great Britain. Their specialty in those early days was die cast metal toy buses. From there, they moved on to cars and it is here in which the toy company created a reputation for quality and popularity.

Corgi developed a name for itself by not only creating highly detailed and attractive automobile replicas, but famous ones as well. Immortalized in gold die cast metal, James Bond's Aston Martin became one of the company's most popular toys in 1965. The model was so detailed it even featured removeable ejector seats and retractable front mounted machine guns. Today, the original fetches a price well into the hundreds of dollars among collectors.

Since those early days, Corgi has gone on to produce replicas of the Batmobile, famous race cars, and a wide range of military and commercial vehicles. Among its repertoire as well are, of course, the die cast metal airplanes it produces. Corgi as a company has nearly as rich a history in die cast metal collectibles as the actual aviation industry it honors with its models.

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