Detailed Scale Models

Written by Tara Peris
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Detailed scale models are a fun way to explore a love of flight and exercise your imagination. Unlike prepackaged, generic planes that come ready made right out of the box, these flyers leave you completely in control of the finished product. Like a pilot navigating flight, the choice of where to go is completely up to you. For the truly creative mind, these are the first-class collector's items.

Each model is its own special project. Begin by selecting the aircraft of interest, and then progress to researching its distinguishing characteristics. Learn about different features of each plane via increasingly lifelike construction detail. Finally, select a paint scheme that fits your own specifications: historically accurate, simple and sleek, or quirky and eccentric.

No Feat You Can't Meet with Detailed Scale Models
These days, just about any aircraft of interest can be found in the scale and detail you desire. Large or small, vintage or modern, there are models kits to keep you building until your hands tremble with fatigue and your eyes waft shut. These fabulous display aircraft exist in such abundance, that you'll have to learn to exercise some self-control while building your collection.

For creative minds interested in collectible airplanes, there is nothing more satisfying than building a collection of detailed scale models created by your own two hands. Your own imagination and skill will ensure that your collection is like no other; when it comes to aviation toys, individuality is truly first class.

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