Diecast Model Airplanes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The question of diecast model airplanes versus plastic ones has largely to do with the kind of collector you are. Although some diecast model airplanes come in a kit form that you can build yourself, most model kits are plastic. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Is plastic really less preferable than die cast metal?

The Popularity of Diecast Model Airplanes

Authenticity and durability are certainly very good reasons to prefer diecast model airplanes over plastic ones. This is especially true for the young collector, or at least the kind of child who doesn't like to throw things at his or her brother or sister. The durability of die cast metal will certainly ensure that the toy will last for a long time to come. In fact, I had die cast metal toy cars when I was a child that are still in good shape even today, and I played with them pretty hard.

Plastic model kits are more for the collector who likes to do the work himself or herself. It is possible with the right kinds of paints to make a plastic model look like it is made of metal. In my opinion, the right paint application can make plastic look like any material, like wood or even fabric. Creative freedom is the main benefit with painting plastic model kits.

The Price is Right

The other benefit of plastic is price. Plastic is cheaper to make, and the collectibles that are made of plastic will have a lower price than die cast. They may not be quite as durable, but for the adult collector who will take good care of his or her models anyway, does it really make much difference?

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