Dragon Wings

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Dragon Wings are among some of the most authentic, high quality model aircraft made today. You may not have ever heard of the Japan based Dragon model company, but they are one of the leaders in model manufacturers worldwide. Revell and Monogram, a couple of the United States' leading model kit makers are in fact actually the American name for Dragon.

Dragon Wings: Some History

Dragon, or DML started in 1987. The company designed and manufactured model kits for distribution to countries all over the word. Besides Revell and Monogram in the U.S., Dragon is known as Italeri in Europe, and Gunze and Hasegawa in Japan.

Dragon Wings is the company's line of airplane replicas, and has been one of its most successful lines. These models depict over 100 types, makes, and manufacturers of commercial and military jets. One of the things which make these models so sought after is their attention to detail. Designed from the actual specifications of the aircraft being miniaturized, Dragon Wings feature an unparalleled level of authenticity and realism.

High Value, Low Cost

You would think that with the level of detail Dragon puts into its models that they would be prohibitively expensive. In fact, most Dragon models are very reasonably priced. Most models hover around only 20 dollars. Considering the fact that part of the detailing on these models includes working parts such as retractable landing gear and canopies that really open, you really can't find a better value for the money. This level of detail is made all the more amazing by the fact that most Dragon airplane models are only 1/400 scale. That's a lot of detail in a tiny package.

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