F-18 Hornet

Written by Tara Peris
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F-18 Hornet aircraft are among today's most renowned military fighter-planes. They have performed beautifully in combat, successfully navigating an array of challenging battle situations and making them a first choice in modern military defense operations. These planes are central discussion pieces for those interested in learning more about the evolution of aviation technology during the modern war era.

McDonnell Douglas spared no expense with this fantastic flyer. Further, with their innovation and creative vision, they created a modern war plane that has already earned a prominent place in history. With a level of skill matched by few other planes, these battle-hardened birds are known to deliver quite a walloping sting.

Understanding the Buzz about the F-18 Hornet
The F-18 Hornet gets a great deal of attention, particularly for its impressive performance in Operation Desert Storm. This single-seat, all-weather fighter-plane did its duty and then some. Whether performing duties as an escort or flaunting its formidable skills in attack mode, this plane demonstrated untouchable flexibility in battle, breaking numerous performance records.

These planes continue to be well-regarded today and are likely to remain highly visible fighter-planes as modern military strategies evolve. Like the Blackhawk helicopter and the AH-64 Apache, they are a fitting reflection of the cutting edge technology that has made American forces virtually unstoppable in battle. Consider adding this piece of American pride to your toy plane collection today.

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