Gemini Jets

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Gemini Jets are considered one of the leaders in commercial airline replicas. Designed from the actual blueprints of the airplanes upon which they are based, Gemini Jets are among the most authentic and detailed model aircraft you can find. For the commercial airplane enthusiast, there simply is no substitute for Gemini Jets.

Gemini Jets: Some Background

Gemini prides itself on the production of not only highly accurate models, but very collectible ones. Each replica is made in limited quantities, and once those are sold out, they are never again re-issued. This insures the lasting collector's value of every model purchased. Some of the original Gemini planes fetch quite a hefty price on the collectible market today. A model jet replica from an airline like PSA or TWA can be very hard to find.

With regards to accuracy, not only are the original blueprints used to guarantee authenticity, but the Pantone color charts from the actual jets are referenced as well. This means that right down to the exact colors, a Gemini commercial jet model will be true to its large scale counterpart. It's true. If you ever have a chance to see a well photographed picture of one of one of these model jets, you practically can't discern it from the real thing.

One of the fun things about flying is that first ride in an airplane when you are a kid. Gemini replicas make excellent souvenirs of that first flight. They are also good for the desktops of companies. Since just about every business or corporation that has planes in the air is represented, executives can proudly display an authentic replica of one of their own jets on their desk.

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