Herpa Wings

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Like Gemini, Herpa Wings are another line of highly collectible, highly authentic commercial airline replicas. What Herpa has to offer is diversity. Herpa Wings feature 75 airplane types from 139 companies. Besides being excellent collector's pieces, Herpa planes make for some excellent promotional tools for companies wishing to put their name on the desks and shelves of consumers and employees everywhere.

Herpa Wings: The History Behind the Company

Herpa as it is today began in 1961 as a company called RIWA . At first, they made miniature parts for cameras such as slide frames and tiny cogs. Before long, the company became too big for the former car garage in which it had originally started.

Herpa had been a model train accessory and electric toy racing car manufacturer since 1949. RIWA took over the company in 1965 and diversified its camera parts manufacturing efforts into the small scale model industry. The company still continued to make camera components under the RIWA name in Dietenhofen Germany.

More to Offer

Herpa Wings not only offers highly detailed and authentic airplane replicas from commercial jets to vintage war planes, but also so much more. Herpa also makes a full line of miniature airport accessories for the creation of entire model airports in which to display the planes. Everything from radar towers and runway pieces to trees and little people can be added to an airport diorama for maximum authenticity. Just like train model scenes, one can let their imagination take them to the airport through these wonderful models.

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