Hogan Wings

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Hogan Wings are perfect for the amateur model builder. One of the things that makes model building such a daunting task is the effort and materials which go into their construction. This isn't true with Hogan Wings models. Let's take a look at why.

Hogan Wings: Model Building Made Easy

The beauty of Hogan Wings airplane kits is that they are snap together models. This means that no glue is required. For the kid or amateur model builder, this is a wonderful introduction into the world of model building. This snap together type of model kit brings up an interesting question though.

To Snap or Not to Snap

If snap together model kits are easier to put together and require no messy, toxic glues, then why do they even make the kind of models that do need to be glued together? I have put together many models in my day. Some have been the kind you snap together and others have been the types that have to be glued. There is something you are giving up for the ease of a snap together model kit.

It all comes down to detail. Snap together kits aren't as capable of depicting a lot of detail as kits that need to be glued. Glue, if applied skillfully, allows for quite a bit more control and the placement of very small, individual components. Imagine trying to apply a little flight stick or steering wheel to a 1/100 scale model. It would be impossible to apply such small parts in a snap together model format. With a tiny dab of glue, some tweezers, and a very steady hand, you are all set.

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