Hot Wings

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Hot Wings makes some of the most fun and reasonably priced small scale airplane models one can find. These types of models make perfect kids' toys. They are also great for the more casual collector who likes airplanes but doesn't feel like spending a fortune on big, highly detailed models.

Hot Wings Are on Fire!

At 1/500 scale, Hot Wings also won't take up a lot of shelf or desk space which is great for collectors who want to display many aircraft. The toys have plenty of variety to choose from as well. From commercial airline jets to military aircraft, they make it all.

The greatest aspect of Hot Wings planes is the interactivity factor. On the back of each package is useful information about the actual aircraft being depicted. Each plane also comes with a piece of runway that can be joined together to form a miniature model airport. Since the scale of each craft is consistent with each other, they all will look like they go together. These toys also offer airport accessories to create intersections and other road features so you can really customize your miniature airport to your own tastes.

One of the coolest things about these model planes is that since they do offer such a wide variety of aircraft, you can find some pretty interesting replicas. I find the experimental planes to be the most fascinating. These consist of some pretty outrageous designs that look more like space ships than planes. They really spark the imagination, which is what this type of collecting is all about.

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