Model Airlines

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Model airlines have been a popular trend in aviation collecting for a long time now. Companies like Herpa and Gemini manufacture very detailed models and take great care into making them as authentic looking as possible right down to the smallest details. With model airlines, collectors today are taking the concept a step further. One need not simply display replica aircraft on a shelf. The entire airline experience can be recreated in miniature form.

Model Airlines: An Airport in Your Own Home

Model airlines have now branched off into the addition of actual model airport accessories with which to display commercial aircraft replicas. Runway strips, radar towers, airport terminal buildings, stairways, luggage carriers, and even people and trees are available to create a miniature airport. Like train dioramas, so too are model airports a very popular and effective way to display cherished aviation collectibles.

For companies, models of airlines make for effective promotional accessories. Airlines themselves can benefit from having their brand name on toys children play with. Companies can also display models of planes in their fleet in the executive offices to help add to the company's image. A model always makes an excellent conversation piece and that can in turn lead to an opportunity to impress a client.

The popularity of airline models dates back as far the creation of airlines themselves. When jet planes were new in the 1960s, there was a particular fascination with flight and jet airplanes. Many toy companies quickly learned to take full advantage of this interest, and they continue to offer extremely high quality collectibles to airplane lovers everywhere to this day.

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