Model Blimps

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Model blimps have captured the imagination of children and adults alike since their invention. Once used as an early form of transportation before the dawn of commercial airlines, blimps today are used chiefly for advertising and promotional purposes. Who hasn't been to a game or been driving on the freeway and not seen that big Good Year or Fuji blimp floating overhead? What makes these and model blimps so fascinating?

Model Blimps: Capturing the Imagination

Let's face it. Seeing a huge, round object, floating slowly across the sky like some kind of football shaped balloon is always an attention getter. The addition of the brightly lit animated messages which blaze across most blimps in bright, colored lights makes these floating billboards even more spectacular to look at. For a kid, it's a true wonder.

This is why model blimps are so popular among kids. Some of the more pricy models even feature LED lights that recreate the appearance of the lighted messages real blimps have. For real fun, however, nothing beats the ability to fly a blimp for real.

Model radio controlled blimps are very popular among blimp enthusiasts. Resembling a helium filled balloon, these models use a tiny fan and rudders one controls remotely to maneuver and accelerate the balloon. Such blimps are even made to resemble a flying saucer for added fun and imaginative play. Bigger, more top of the line models are also used for high profile local advertising, just like their full sized counterparts. The best thing about model R.C. blimps is their ease of use. With the slow speed at which they move, there's little danger of crashing and ruining the toy as may be the case with R.C. planes.

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