Model Dragon Wings

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Model Dragon Wings are one of the most popular brands of model planes on the market today. Based out of Japan, the Dragon model company makes a wide range of kits ranging from commercial jets to military tanks. Known in the U.S. as Revell and Monogram, model Dragon Wings are widely available all over the world for all aviation collectors to enjoy. What makes Model Dragon Wings so special, though?

Model Dragon Wings: A Cut Above

What makes Dragon models stand apart from the crowd is their sheer level of diversity. Model airplanes are only one, very small aspect of this company's business. Dragon also makes models of other military vehicles such as tanks, transports, and even soldiers. In addition to commercial jets, the company's airplane models also consist of a full line of fighter jets as well, covering many time eras in the history of flight.

Today, World War II collectibles and memorabilia are a hot market for collectors. This is why a large part of Dragon's model kit emphasis is on planes and vehicles from this time era. Models are, however, just one area Dragon dabbles in. Action figures, 12" dolls, and even highly detailed, miniature soldiers are available for any war buff looking to re-create some of the most epic battles by which their imagination is inspired.

Dragon also makes a full line of exquisitely detailed 12" collectible figures of soldiers from some of the most memorable eras of war. Almost indistinguishable from a real person appearance wise, these collectibles are highly sought after for their sheer level of detail and craftsmanship. From soldiers of World War II and the Napoleonic era to Attila the Hun and Goths, Dragon has figures for any wartime preference.

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