Model Herpa Airplanes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Model Herpa Airplanes are considered a leader in the model commercial airline and airport building and collecting markets. Herpa's humble beginnings as a manufacturer of miniature camera parts quickly branched off into the model replica industry in the 1960s, and the company has been growing strong ever since. What makes model Herpa airplanes such a powerful, collectible aspect of their business is their attention to detail and thoroughness.

Model Herpa Airplanes: Above and Beyond

Model Herpa airplanes are the only line which not only produces aircraft replicas, but airport accessories as well with which to construct an entire miniature aero-metropolis. Aircraft is not, however, Herpa's only specialty. Herpa also makes an amazingly extensive line of model trucks and cars as well. Literally hundreds of companies are represented in miniature big-rig form.

As the ultimate marketing strategy, Herpa even has a museum in Germany where some of its most extensive and detailed model cities and vehicles are on display for the general public to enjoy. Of course, what makes this museum so effective as a sales tool is the shop built into it which also has an extensive selection of models and accessories made by Herpa available for purchase. You can just imagine how hard it would be for a parent to bring a kid to a place like this without quickly going bankrupt.

Herpa is one of the top leaders in miniature model replicas and it's not hard to see why. With such high levels of detail at such a small scale, it almost boggles the mind as to how this company does it. You almost can't tell these models from the real thing, they are so well made.

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