Model Jet Planes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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What makes model jet planes so appealing is the ability of a collector or builder to create an accurate looking replica of their favorite commercial or military jet. A large part of making sure such model jet planes look their best is in buying high quality, detailed model kits. This, however, is just the first step in insuring an authentic, replica appearance.

Model Jet Planes: Natural Wear and Tear

Model jet planes, if they are to be completely accurate in appearance, need to show the signs of wear planes typically do in the real world. This is particularly true of military models. Military jets see combat on a regular basis and, in tour of duty situations, often don't have time for re-fits and new paint jobs very frequently.

To recreate this wear and tear, paint and smudge effects can be added to a model military jet. First, paint the model to look as brand new and fresh off the assembly line as possible. The next step is to add a little age. Using a very fine point, sable paint brush, silver paint can be used to simulate scratches in the plane's paint job. Lightly airbrushing parts of a model in a slightly lighter shade of paint than that of its overall body color will simulate fading.

To truly add real damage, heating up a small nail and melting holes in a model can make for some truly effective looking bullet holes. To add to the effect, silver paint can make the bullet hole look like it really stripped off the plane's paint in that spot, and using a wooden match to lightly and carefully add scorch marks makes the look complete. This same technique can be used around the jet's engines to simulate the scorching jets often cause.

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