Model Jets

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Many companies make model jets for collectors and model builders. The difficulty level of these kits typical covers many ranges in order to cater to varying levels of model building skill. A kid just starting out building his or her first model won't be able to build a more difficult, advanced kit. Conversely, an advanced builder of model jets won't be challenged by a simpler kit.

Model Jets: Something for Everyone

Snap together model jets like those made by Wooster or Hogan are great for beginning modelers. Glue can be hard to deal with when you're new, and even a little dangerous. Whether you are advanced or an amateur, you should, however, always work in a well ventilated area when dealing with model glues.

The benefit of model glue is in the level of control it allows. Very small pieces can be applied to a model with glue that would not be possible with a snap together kit. The trick is in knowing how to apply the glue. One of the biggest mistakes beginning model builder make is in squeezing glue onto a model part like you would when applying toothpaste to a toothbrush.

It's best to use a surface, like a piece of cardboard, to squeeze a small amount of glue onto when getting ready to attach pieces to a model kit. Use a toothpick, or depending on the size of the piece, even a small needle upon which to put a small dab of glue from your little glue puddle. Next, use the toothpick or pin to very carefully brush on the glue as evenly as possible. The small size of the glue adding implement will allow for maximum control and minimize seepage when pressing pieces together.

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