Model Military Aircrafts

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Building model military aircrafts is one of the most fun hobbies one can undertake. There's nothing quite like recreating an imaginary battle in miniature form with model military aircrafts. Making sure the model itself is detailed, well put together, and well painted is important. This is only a very short part of the process, however. It's important to put some time and thought into what you will do now that the model is finished.

Displaying Model Military Aircrafts

Just like the real thing, model military aircrafts are meant to fly. It's nice to display a model jet in landing mode. This is, after all, why almost every jet model or toy comes with landing gear. There are problems with this, however.

You have to have a lot of space if you are going to display model aircraft in the landed position. Planes take up surface area. They are also relatively flat, so to see most of their detailing, they have to be displayed below eye level. This is often limiting to collectors for whom shelf real estate is at a premium.

Besides, airplanes look the best when they are flying. Most model kits and airplane toys come with a little plastic display stand upon which to place a model to allow it be displayed better. I have found it to be more fun to take the idea a step further by using monofilament fishing line tied around a model to be hung from a nail or thumbtack in the wall or ceiling. Not only does the plane look more like it's flying, it doesn't take up an inch of room on your shelf.

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