Model Space Shuttles

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Model space shuttles are some of the most popular among collectors. The space shuttle represents a move into the future for our entire society. The possibilities it has opened up have inspired the imagination of many for years. When the space shuttle first launched when I was a kid, model space shuttles hit the market immediately and I, of course, had to have one.

Model Space Shuttles: Recreating the Real Thing

When the first space shuttle launched into space in 1981, it marked a turning point in our world's history. For the first time, a re-useable vehicle could be launched into space on a regular basis. This opened the door for so many advancements we tend to take for granted today. Besides the potential for research in a zero gravity environment, the ability to deploy satellites brought the dawn of a new age in surveillance and communication.

Many good model space shuttles act as effective educational tools. I remember that before the space shuttle first launched, a speaker came to our class to talk to us about it. We lived very close to Edward's Air Force Base and the father of one my classmates worked there and on the shuttle. He used a model to explain all of its various components and how it had been designed to withstand atmospheric reentry.

One of the most fascinating aspects of his presentation was showing us and letting us hold an actual tile that was used in the shuttle's construction. It was much lighter than I had expected it to be. That day, I begged my Mom to buy me a toy space shuttle. Luckily, in anticipation of the demand that would surely be brought on by this exciting new advance in space travel, space shuttle toys and models were not hard to find at all.

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