Model Woosters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Model Woosters are a snap to build, literally. Instead of having to undergo hours of painstaking building, cutting and gluing, you just snap them together. It only takes a few minutes, and you have a nice model plane for display. It's an excellent place for the beginner builder to start.

Model Woosters With a New Name

Model Woosters aren't actually Woosters any more. In the year 2000, they were bought out by PPC Holland. Now, if you're looking for Woosters, you'll most likely find Wooster PPC. Don't worry, it's still the same model with the same high quality.

For 20 to 30 dollars, you can get a Model Wooster, or Wooster PPC, of any major commercial airline. That makes it a cinch to assemble a model airline. In fact, Wooster once claimed it was the only maker of snap-fit models for all the airlines. Not only do hobbyists buy these models, but airlines buy them by the truckload and use them as promotional giveaways.

A Great Place to Start

If you're just starting out in the world of model airplanes, Model Woosters are a great idea. These are simple to assemble, just like balsa wood planes. They're fun to make and look good on display. I started out with these kinds of easy assembly planes before I moved on to more complicated models. When my son became interested in building models, he started with the Woosters, too.

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