Written by Tara Peris
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Modelcraft is a well-established name in model airplane kits. These plastic plane models are a great alternative for those seeking to expand their collections to include not only military aircraft, but commercial planes and marine models as well. For the past decade, this line of affordable collectibles has produced high quality construction kits that allow collectors to become model craftsman.

As the name implies, this is indeed a model craft. There is nothing quite so gratifying as building with one's own hands. From the basic construction to the fun of the finishing touches, this is a fully engrossing activity. Lose yourself in creative endeavor and then sit back and enjoy a beautiful piece of work that is sure to capture the attention of your peers.

A Model Hobby Takes Flight With Modelcraft
Perhaps the best feature of these model kits is the impressive diversity of products available to eager builders. In addition to the standard military aircraft, desktop models from Modelcraft allow you to create your own version of your favorite commercial airliners. Are you that jet-setting International traveler? Perhaps you only wish to be. These planes are hip, modern versions of today's most widely used aircraft. Take yourself around the world in first class style with these unique airliners.

In a flooded market of collectible airplanes, these fun creative models stand out for their originality. Pick your pleasure and then pick your destination. An exciting trip unfolds as you open each box and begin your modeling adventure.

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