Modern Plane Models

Written by Tara Peris
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Modern plane models are ideal for those who appreciate that aviation science and technology continue to soar to new heights. Why focus exclusively on the past when right before our eyes there are a wealth of fascinating and sophisticated aircraft? Take a moment to appreciate the wonderful accomplishments of American aviation with display aircraft that reflect the pinnacle of innovation.

History in the Making With Modern Plane Models
There is a rigorous commitment to scientific progress and inventiveness that underlies today's aviation field. From increasingly comfortable and efficient commercial aircraft to high precision attack choppers used in our battles overseas, history is being made before our eyes. Today's aircraft are remarkably different from the simple versions that emerged 100 years ago and modern plane models illustrate precisely how high we've risen.

Increasingly, makers of display aircraft have expanded their product lines to include items from the modern war era. These are truly awe-inspiring beasts of the battlefield that are seemingly invincible in even the most adverse fighting conditions. From the Blackhawk to the AH-64 Cobra, these flyers set the bar for modern military flight.

Move your collection into the 21st century with progressive die cast or plastic plane models. From large-scale plastic models to smaller, detailed metal models, science continues to fly aviation toy development forward as well. It seems there is nothing these toys can't do. From their lifelike detail to their moveable parts, these flyers make for an exciting addition to the cutting edge collection. Don't stay mired in the past; soar to another level with a modern plane model.

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