Plastic Planes

Written by Tara Peris
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Plastic planes are the fun, affordable way to indulge your love of flight. Whether you are looking for sleek, modern designs or classic vintage models, plastic planes are designed to meet your needs without draining your wallet. They provide a creative, interactive and educational hobby for people of all ages..

There is no better way to appreciate the science and technology of flight than to build your own plane. Whether you are interested in large-scale 1/18 WWII plane models or smaller stunt jets, there are plastic scale models to suit all types of needs. Not a builder? There exist an array of ready-made alternatives as well, making plastic planes the most flexible option for the flight enthusiast..

Further, unlike so many other hobbies these days, plastic planes are educational. Assembling your own plane involves visual-spatial skills, problem solving, and sometimes, a great deal of patience. What better way for anyone to develop these skills than through hands on activity that results in such a fun and enjoyable finished product?

Why Buy Metal?Plastic Planes Let You Soar to New Heights
Metal replicas are heavy and expensive, making them an undesirable toy to lug around. Who wants to risk losing a small, expensive toy in transit to school or worry about what happens if it gets thrown during take-off? Plastic plane models are an affordable alternative to those pricey collectors items. They are made of durable plastic that ensures long-lasting use, but are also safe and easy to clean. Additionally, plastic planes are often lighter and larger than metal airplanes so in turn, much easier to hang and suspend from the ceiling.

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