Plastic Scale Models

Written by Tara Peris
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Plastic scale models are the choice of the true connoisseur. These models not only allow you to build your own aircraft, but to finish it to your own specifications. They are the height of aviation hobby.

It's the detail that counts with these winged beauties. Flaunt your artistic prowess by creating a fine finish worthy of America's best aircraft. This is not just about slapping on some glue, (although you could do it that way if you choose). It's about the careful, skillful craftsmanship that will set your work apart from others'. These display models are a source of pride, and a staple for long-term collectors.

The Sky's the Limit with Plastic Scale Models
Envision that display case expanding with winged works of art created by none other than yourself. Whether you are a novice or a near-Picasso, there are plastic scale models to fit your needs. Some require only the very basic mastery of a squeeze of the glue bottle, whereas others require skills, patience, and time. These are sure to be enjoyed by both the artistically and scientifically inclined.

Regardless of your specific model choice, all the basics you need will arrive in one easy package. The rest is up to you. The sky is the limit with these display aircraft. There is no challenge you can't scale as you embark on this hobby that will last a lifetime.

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