Scale Model Planes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Scale model planes are great fun to make and collect. Because they're to scale, they're the most realistic model planes. I just got an amazing kit, the Supermarine Spitfire. It was fun learning the history of the model as I went about constructing it. This plane, pretty much, is the reason they're not speaking German in London today.

Scale Model Planes Can be Inexpensive

For about thirty dollars, you can get very realistic scale model planes. The kits are easy to use and are engaging for hours. My tip to you: make it even more realistic using a good paint set and your imagination. Make it look weathered, maybe even scratched and shot at using your paint.

Have a good work board before you get started building your model plane. Have everything you could possibly need set out. This means your paints, knives, glue, and maybe even a sandwich and a soda. When making scale model planes, you get to see all the detail and be a part of creating it. You can even improve upon it.

Make it Your Own

A cool thing that I like to do with my model planes is to add flourishes. An easy one to add is a weathering effect. After all, real planes don't look like they came out of a box. They have some natural wear and tear. For the most realistic looking plane, use a little silver paint on the front edges of the wings. Simulate weathering with the final paint coat.

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