Skymarks Model Airplanes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Skymarks model airplanes are great for the beginner who wants an easy display plane. The differentiating aspect of Skymarks planes are that they are made to sit on their display stands and can be assembled in minutes as opposed to the hours it can take to build more complicated model planes.

Skymarks Are Made to Display

If you're interested in collecting model planes but aren't so much into the building of planes, Skymarks model airplanes are the way to go. They basically just snap together, saving you hours of painstaking building and painting. For me, they're also not as rewarding. I happen to like the painting and the details involved with building models. I love to use my imagination to make the models as real looking as possible.

It's a Snap

There's a downside to Skymarks model airplanes. Sure, you can quickly own a line of model airplanes ranging from World War I models to modern day jets, but you don't get to do anything with them. You don't even get to put decals on, as they're pre-painted. You just snap them together. The models cost about as much as kits you get to build.

What's great about Skymarks model airplanes, however, is that they look incredible. It's nice that they have their own stands too. It's sometimes hard to know where to place model planes in a collection. To make it interesting, it often takes a pretty concentrated effort and elaborate use of fishing line. The stands pose the plane in early take-off. The details are sharp and authentic. They definitely look like the craft they're modeled after.

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