Toy Airlines

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Toy airlines are fairly easy to construct once you've accumulated the right models. There are several ways you can assemble a model airline. You can use an airline motif to display the models that you already have. You can also recreate an actual airport or design and build your own and maybe even name it after yourself.

Making Your Own Toy Airlines

It's pretty easy to put together large toy airlines using all the major carriers, as they are readily available. Most airlines are represented in the scale model community. Companies like Delta, Continental, Southwest, American, US Airways, and United are all available. This could take time and lots of money, but it is fun to assemble. You can even get enough accessories to make a miniature DFW or LAX.

Toy airlines kits are also available. There is a set representing American Airlines that not only has a model plane, but also a luggage tram, cargo containers, a lift truck, light posts and American Flags. This is something to consider if you don't just want planes in your model airline.

Get Precise

Building toy airports is a bit of a new trend in the model-building world. Airport models are challenging, as hard-core builders want to get their models as precise as possible. To do this, you'll need enough space to set up terminals, planes and runways. More than just a large work board, you'll need a large piece of plywood set up on saw horses, or even a large picnic table.

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