Toy Airports

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Toy airports are a great way to display your model planes. You can build mini-airports in a couple of ways. One, you can just put the planes together that you have already built into an airport that you construct and design yourself. You can also try to recreate an existing airport. Either way is fun and challenging.

Toy Airports: A Big Job

It's no easy task to build toy airports. To make it as authentic as possible, you'll need pictures of the airport in question. A lot of this information is available online, but in this age of high security, you may not be able to get all that you need. Try to get a few good aerial shots of your airport. After that, just use your imagination.

All the major companies are represented in the miniature world. Delta, American, Southwest, and other mainstream airlines have given permission for their planes to be replicated as models. That makes it easier for you to have all the planes you need in your corral. You can even find kits that include luggage, cargo trams, and containers for an even more elaborate set-up.

Don't Forget the Planes

The most important part of toy airports is the planes. When you paint scale model planes, don't forget to apply a coat of primer first. This will reveal any imperfections or cracks in the fuselage so you can fix them. From the fuselage, move on to the model's more intricate components. Paint propellers, landing gears and other small parts separately before you attach them to the body of the plane.

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