Ultimate Soldier

Written by Tara Peris
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The Ultimate Soldier is the newest line from 21st century toys. Offering large-scale plastic model aircraft and military action figures from America's most formidable battles, these products bring hours of enjoyment to people from all walks of life, be they history buffs, military veterans, or simply lovers of flight. Featuring the high-quality materials and outstanding detail you expect of your fine collectibles, these products are the ultimate addition to your display.

See how our brave men in battle have evolved over time. With the Ultimate Soldier line, you get a vital piece of American history right at your fingertips. From changing uniforms to technological advances in military equipment, the challenges of battle are brought to life through military action figures that put you right in the trenches.

Assemble International Forces with Ultimate Soldier
Even better still is that the Ultimate Soldier line allows you to collect soldiers from around the world. Whether your interest is in the German fighters of World War II or the opposition in Vietnam, this is one of the few lines that bring international forces to life. What better way to appreciate the complexities of battle than to examine up close the artillery and weaponry of enemy forces?

Brave souls from all walks of life have committed themselves to protecting the security and well-being of their country. Honor these heroes of unsurpassed courage, determination, and loyalty with collectibles that pay tribute to their loyalty and patriotism.

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