Wwii Plane Models

Written by Tara Peris
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WWII plane models are among the most popular aviation collectibles on the market. Their vintage design and historical appeal are unmatched, and modern advances in both die cast and plastic plane models has allowed for increasingly accurate reproductions. Simply put, these are a staple item in any collection

The battles of World War II have earned a prominent place in American History, and for good reason. They changed the face of the world forever. Innovations in aviation technology allowed American fighters to propel to the front of the pack in battle operations. Born of necessity, there was a rapid proliferation of military aircraft during this period. Although clearly outdated by today's standards, in their day, models such as the Jug and the P-38 Lightening interceptor were premiere military aircraft.

Options Are Endless with Today's WWII Plane Models

WWII plane models capture the importance of this period in stunning detail. From armor protection to ammunition and fuel tanks, modern display aircraft leave nothing overlooked. In a competitive market of aviation collectibles, companies such as Corgi and BBI continue to battle for their niche as producer of the ultimate authentic reproductions. The result is an array of classic models, each adorned with high precision detail.

These planes have earned their popularity among the masses. Whether one is interested in WWII from a broad historical standpoint, or from the perspective of military and aviation development, model aircraft from this period are bound to be of interest. Bring home a vital piece of American history with planes from this heroic and innovative time. These are staple items in any professional or novice collection.

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