American Girl

Written by Liza Hartung
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I remember American Girl so well. I had all the books that went with all the girls. I only owned one of the dolls, but had dreams of owning them all. For a little confession here, I was jealous of my friends who had more than one. I would fantasize about owning them all and all their different seasonal clothes. I would have given them wonderful tea parties. Even though I was doll-less, I wouldn't have been able to have such vivid fantasies without reading the books.

Learning History with American Girl

American Girls books are wonderful. They aren't terribly difficult, but they are certainly fun. They are written in a detail that can't help but spark the imagination. Each set of books is based on one of five girls, each in a different time period. Felicity is from colonial times. Kirsten is a pioneer girl. Addy is a proud little girl during the Civil War, while Samantha is a Victorian orphan raised by her wealthy grandmother. Molly is a spunky girl in the World War II era.

All of the sets of books are set up the same. Each set has five books and they all have similar titles in order to follow the girls around on a similar path. The first book in each set is titled "Meet (American Girl)." Then there's "(Girl) Learns a Lesson." Followed by "(Girl)'s Surprise!" Then, like the life all of us, we see, "Happy Birthday (Girl)!" Next comes "(Girl) Saves the Day," and last, but not least, the series finishes with "Changes for (Girl)."

The dolls are obviously great because you can see the clothes they wore and they usually come with a second outfit or two. It isn't necessary to have the dolls because the books paint wonderful pictures, and there are wonderful pictures in the books! These are great reading for any young girl. They are fun and educational.

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