American Girl Library

Written by Liza Hartung
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The American Girl Library is something that I would have loved to have as I was growing up. Even just looking at what they offer now, I want some of the books. They are just so fun! They promote the uniqueness of being a girl, dealing with modern images of women, and helping girls let out their feelings. It's a great line of products that girls just love.

American Girl Library for Growing Girls

Girls can use this library to get books on everything from making sparkle cards, school subjects, popularity and even dealing with a divorce. For those girls who like crafts and making sparkly things, American Girl has got it all. There are activity books for creative letter writing, paper punch art and a kit for creating itty-bitty living rooms and condos.

As girls get a little older, they start to notice boys for things other than their cooties. They begin to notice that boys may not have cooties after all. American Girl Library has a girl's guide to boys that has great information. Other books that will help girls through this time are "The Care and Keeping of Me" and "The Feelings Book." These are great for girls to get out the things that are going on inside; the things that they may sometimes not want to talk with their parents about.

The American Girl Library also provides girls with information about staying home alone and taking care of themselves. Mainly, though, when girls get together they just want to have fun, giggle, and gossip. American Girl has books of questions for girls to ask each other. There is also a book called "Games and Giggles." Girls can have fun decorating their rooms and navigating the kitchen with some American Girl books. This is a wonderful library for girls to have.

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