Angelina Ballerina

Written by Liza Hartung
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Angelina Ballerina is there for any girl with a dream. Angelina's particular dream is to be the greatest ballerina Mouseland has ever seen, and we see her determination and focus in all of her books. However, any child with a dream can get a good message out of these stories. Angelina has a whole cast and crew around her that is supportive and fun. Even with the few characters that are a bit naughty or crabby, there is a lesson to be learned about following your dream.

Angelina Ballerina and Her Friends

These books, and now the TV show, can make almost anyone want to tie on a pair of pink, silk slippers and go leaping around the room. Angelina Ballerina entertainment is good-hearted and always gives a good time. First, and most important, is Angelina's teacher, Miss Lilly. She used to be a prima ballerina, but has now devoted her life to helping others get there. She is supportive and caring.

Alice is Angelina's best friend. She is there for Angelina and doesn't have a single mean bone in her body. She is the ideal best friend. Then there is Angelina's younger cousin, Henry. He is adorable and instantly wins the affection of adults. Polly is Angelina's new baby sister. Through her, Angelina is learning about responsibility by having the role of big sister. Angelina's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling, are there for her at all times. They love and encourage her dream, and are there in times of trouble.

With all the love in this group, there needs to be some sort of antagonism! This comes from Angelina's neighbor, Mrs. Hodgepodge, and an older boy in school, Sammy. Mrs. Hodgepodge is grumpy and doesn't particularly like children. Sammy thinks ballet is stupid, and is usually up to no good. All in all, however, Angelina Ballerina's world is fun and inspiring.

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