Angelina Ballerina Dolls

Written by Liza Hartung
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Angelina Ballerina dolls are a wonderful addition to any little one's collection. Angelina Ballerina is a mouse ballerina who wants to be the best ballerina in all of Mouseland. She is very young and works hard, and has a lot to learn. However, she is a determined little mouse, and her books have wonderful lessons for children. Kids love Angelina because of her pretty ballerina outfit, the colorful cast of characters she encounters and the fun stories that are told.

Angelina Ballerina Dolls Bring the Books to Life

One of the most fun aspects of reading a book about your favorite character is having one of the dolls sitting right by your side. It's almost as if the book comes alive because one of the characters is with you, almost telling you that, yes, this story you are reading is indeed true. I know because I was there and it happened to me. Kids have such imaginations that they will believe in this.

When I was little, I was absolutely certain that my stuffed animals talked to each other when I wasn't around. Not only that, they had conferences and dances when I wasn't there. They had a blast without me. I thought the only reason they didn't talk to me is that they were afraid that I would tell the grown-ups what I saw. I would sit sometimes and reassure them that I would never do this. I would never be the one to break their code. I wonder if Angelina Ballerina dolls would have told me.

Well, they never clued me in on anything, but just having them around me, I felt a part of something. When a child gets Angelina Ballerina dolls, they tend to come in a package consisting of a doll and a book. It's a great idea, because then the book comes alive. There are many of her cast of characters to choose from like Henry, Alice or Polly. Get your child's favorite or get them all.

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