Baby Einstein Books

Written by Liza Hartung
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Baby Einstein books are wonderful additions to any baby's library. Not only do they introduce children to reading at an early age, but they each discuss a unique subject matter that most books don't offer. Many children's books go over colors and numbers and have fun story lines. These books definitely increase a child's interest in reading, particularly later in life. However, if you want to expose your baby and toddler to the arts and sciences at an early age, Baby Einstein is for you.

Baby Einstein Books for Well-Rounded Knowledge

There are so many areas of life where children need to be exposed to in order to have well-rounded knowledge. The Baby Einstein Books recognize this and cater to those needs. They have several board books that are appropriate for ages 18 months and up and deal with all sorts of subjects. One of their books, Master Pieces, introduces young ones to some of the world's greatest painters and their most famous paintings. This book is a flipbook so that children can begin to recognize the objects that are in the paintings.

There is a series of books that introduces kids to the sights and sounds of nature. These books deal with sand and sun, raindrops and puddles, snowflakes and icicles, and birds and nests. Another book deals with similar subjects, but has sound effects added. Your child will follow a duck and a monkey through their travels, hear nature sounds and learn about different weather conditions.

Baby Einstein books are great to own. Imagine your child entering school already knowing some famous paintings and who painted them, being able to quote Shakespeare, knowing about constellations, and being familiar with weather and animals from all over the world. All of these books are very durable and can last through lots of whatever your child may put them through.

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