Building Sets

Written by Liza Hartung
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What childhood would be complete without building sets? I have yet to run into someone who did not have Legos growing up. Most of them also had Lincoln Logs. Owning a building set is a way to make your imagination come to life. I have seen kids make everything from a car to a spaceship to an oilrig to castles and homes, animals and people. Whatever kids have going on in their fruitful imaginations, they can create with a building set.

A guy friend of mine used to take hours building huge buildings. They were very intricate and beautiful. Then, he would take another hour or so and make trucks, animals, and monsters. Who can guess what he did next? Yes, he would take the trucks, animals and monsters and he would use them to demolish his wonderful city of buildings. I'm sure there are plenty of other kids and adults who can relate.

Build the Imagination with Building Sets

Building sets come in all forms. You can get Lincoln Logs, Legos, train sets, car track sets, sets to build communities, sets to build a city-there's everything imaginable out there. Even if you decide to go with Legos, there are what seems like hundred of specialized sets for you to choose from. You can get a Star Wars set, or cast spells with Harry Potter and Hogwart's. You can enter the Orient, or build a castle.

Building sets are brilliant for meeting the needs of a child's imagination. They can create almost anything that pops into their tiny, yet powerful brains. A child may make something, tell you what it is, and you may be of the opinion that the creation looks nothing like that. Well, all that matters is that the child knows. It's building creativity.

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