Childrens Books

Written by Liza Hartung
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Children's books are so much fun. They contain such imagination and color. Many of them are classics. I remember my first books. They were "Goodnight Moon" and "Pat the Bunny." "Goodnight Moon" was such fun because you had to find the mouse on every page. Having to hunt for that little creature really got me involved. And who didn't have fun patting the bunny? He was so fuzzy!

Spanning Children's Books

Board books are usually the first books children are exposed to. They are called board books because all the pages are thick board so it is easy for a child to grab the pages and turn them. These books generally utilize basic concepts such as counting, colors or identifying animals. Reading these with your child helps set them up for wanting to hear you read bedtime stories.

Reading bedtime stories is a great way to incorporate reading children's books to your little one. Reading to your child instills in them a greater desire to read for themselves as they get older. Dr. Seuss books are wonderful to read. Since they rhyme, your child has an easy time guessing the rhyming word, which, in turn, helps them start to identify words on page. There are thousands of books that are fun to read with your child. Get some classics, and then peruse the children's section for some new, fun ones.

As your child gets a little older, they may want to start reading on their own. Take them to a bookstore and help them pick out a few things. Girls tend to like the Ramona and Matilda books. There are so many children's books for all ages. Time travel and sports can be fun for guys. However, don't think that your girl won't like time travel or mystery books. Those were my favorite.

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