Educational Infant Toys

Written by Liza Hartung
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Some people may think, "Why have educational infant toys? They're just infants! What can they really learn?" Well, this is actually the baseboard of learning. If children are encouraged at this early stage of the game to follow their impulses, they will be better set for learning as they hit baby and toddler stages.

As an infant, your child is just beginning to learn about the world. The first things they will be interested in are how things feel. Give them soft objects such as blankets or stuffed animals. They will love shiny objects for the look and the feel, try keys or a spoon. There are toys out there that are simple, but not so simple as to bore the baby. You don't want anything too complicated, either.

Educational Infant Toys for the Very Beginning

Infants respond well to color and noises. A bright rattle is fun for them. Hanging a little learning center inside a crib can be good as educational infant toys. They usually consist of a mirror, so the baby can learn that he is looking at himself, and other toys that spin and make noise. These are very simple toys, but will begin to influence your child's learning habits and experience of the world.

Activity gyms are great educational infant toys. Babies can just lie on their back and hit and kick all the fun, colorful playthings above them. This type of toy, and others such as rattles, will help infants with hand-eye coordination. Another wonderful learning tool is to play music for your child. Certain classical composers have been known to improve brainpower and creativity. Although it's not something a child can play with, it may help them play more creatively later.

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