Educational Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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You know, what we call 'educational products' now, I definitely would have referred to as 'toys' when I was little. Remember when we were all young, and we had that toy where you pulled the string and it said, "The cow goes, 'Moo,'"? That was an educational product. But how many of us thought of it as anything more than a toy?

Educational Products or Toys?

That's what is so great about these products. Many of them are so much fun that kids don't even realize they are being educated. They just play and answer questions and try to fit the right shapes in the right places, and they learn from all of this. Even in just playing a simple board game children learn about rules and about not cheating. The game Tiddley Winks helps with hand-eye coordination.

Educational products can include just putting your child in front of the television. Shows such as Sesame Street, Blues Clues and Barney can help kids begin to learn fundamentals. In addition, you can purchase many educational videos. I remember one from when I was little called "School House Rock." This vides series had all sorts of topics. The one that sticks out to me is how a bill becomes a law. There was very catchy music in these.

You can introduce your child to educational products at a very early age. Just hanging a learning center in their crib gets them to start working on hand-eye coordination. These centers usually have a mirror, which helps your child start to realize that she is looking at herself. From there you can go to putting blocks in the correct holes, color games, counting, and on up to quiz games and math fun. There is no end to learning and how fun it can be.

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