Educational Toys

Written by Liza Hartung
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Educational toys are any toys that stimulate a child's mind, imagination and creativity. They help the child begin to grasp basic concepts. Some of a child's very first toys will help with the concept of 'object permanence.' This is when they start to realize that, just because they can no longer see an object, that does not mean it is gone. You can begin your child's education long before they ever enter a school.

One of the great factors about educational toys is that they are, indeed, toys. They are fun for your child. When a child is having fun, he or she is more likely to learn than if they are not having fun or if they feel they are forced to do something. Growing up I had two great ways I learned about science outside of school. One was by watching Mr. Wizard's World. I will never forget the episode on dry ice. Another was from an activity book I had that taught me about astronomy, geology, chemistry and all sorts of other fun things.

Teach Your Children with Educational Toys

So many educational toys are interactive. I had a few, but nothing like today. Kids practically get their first computer before they can even walk. I don't mean a PC or a Mac, but there are games and learning centers that talk back, have funny voices, songs and are very fast. It's a great way to learn, especially because kids can usually use them alone or with friends.

These kinds of toys are a joy both for parents and for children. What parent would not want to see their child learning and having fun at the same time? The earlier you start your children with these toys, the more of a desire they will have for learning and the easier it will be for them later in life.

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