Engel-puppen Dolls

Written by Liza Hartung
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Engel-Puppen dolls are wonderful for play or for collections. This German company can trace its doll roots back to 1896. Since that time, they have been providing dolls of top quality. The dolls are life-like, stand about 19 inches high, and have soft bodies and plastic faces. Many of the dolls have open and close eyes. This last feature is a favorite among children. When you put the doll down for a "nap," he or she looks lost in slumber.

Since Engel-Puppen dolls are made in Germany, you will find that many of them come dressed in traditional German or Swiss outfits. A doll of a Swiss boy, for example, will come wearing Lederhosen and tall socks. A Swiss girl has a little green cap and long, pigtail braids. The outfits are gorgeously handcrafted. Engel-Puppen only keeps 25 employees at any given time, thus steering away from huge assembly lines

This company resides in the oldest doll factory in the town of Rodental, Germany. Each doll is made with care and love. Children will love having these dolls. Whether they are used for a "baby" or for decoration on a shelf, they are certain to attract attention. Germany in general is known for its superior toy products. Engel-Puppen dolls are no exception. You will have these dolls for life. They are especially wonderful to pass down and create tradition with.

Popularity of Engel-Puppen Dolls

Even though these dolls are manufactured in Germany, they can be bought all over the world. They made an appearance at the American International Toy Fair in New York. They can be bought at Epcot Center in Disney World. They have also been named by Doll Reader magazine.

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