Imagination Desk

Written by Liza Hartung
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The Imagination Desk is another great interactive tool from the company Leap Frog. It is made for children who are working on alphabet recognition and beginning phonics. It's a toteable desk of sorts that comes with 26 different sheets of paper-each for a letter of the alphabet. These sheets are for coloring with crayons. They have the letter on the page with various objects that begin with that letter.

As the child colors the sheet, the Imagination Desk can be set to one of two modes. In the first mode, the child can listen to fun music as he or she colors. In the second mode, the Desk will talk to the child about the letter he or she is coloring and words that begin with that letter. Your child will be asked to locate specific images within the picture. It's a fun way for children to learn.

Imagination Desk Learning Tools

If your child does not need a lot of help in the areas of the alphabet and phonics, or even if they do, but you want to branch out, the Desk offers other books for learning. Some of the subjects are in numbers, shapes and math. The Imagination Desk is easy to carry around, with a handle at the top. It has pockets in the back for extra crayons.

The Desk itself is very colorful and inviting to children. Also, there are two volume modes. It is easy for a child to adjust the volume and switch coloring modes. One of the greatest things is that the Desk can be taken almost anywhere. It's easy to pack it up and take it on the road. Therefore, your children can learn and have fun on the go!

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