Kids Toys

Written by Liza Hartung
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I think kids' toys are some of the greatest things in life. I'm sure that other adults have a similar opinion. I have been in toy stores before and seen the parents more excited than their child about a new toy. My dad had a blast playing my first video game system. He even hooked it up to surround sound. Toys are so great because they remind us of being a kid, and they let kids be kids. They bring out creativity, fun and playfulness.

Some of the simplest kids' toys are stuffed animals, but don't underestimate these powerful balls of stuffing. Many children will set up tea parties with their little animals, or use them as an audience for a play. Like myself, there are lots of children who will keep their first stuffed animal forever. I'm in my mid-twenties and I still sleep with a small bunny and big stuffed pig. I even traveled on airplanes with my pig until I was 21. Don't tell anyone.

Having a Blast with Kids' Toys

Many children's toys are educational, whether they are supposed to be or not. Even if a toy just gets a child's creativity and imagination flowing, it is educational. Then there are other toys that are aimed directly at educating kids. These are counting games, puzzles, quiz games, shape matching and things of that nature. In addition, anything that involves a child in poetry, music, painting, crafts, the artistic side of life, is also a great learning tool.

It's no wonder to me that I can walk into a child's playroom and it can be filled to the brim with toys. Some people may say that child is being spoiled. I really think it's the parents who have fun playing with everything. My neighbor's dad sat with my neighbor and me for hours setting up a racecar track. Then, he wanted to be the one to race the first few cars! Let children have fun with kids' toys while they can. Once you get older, you'll need a kid around to enjoy them again!

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