Written by Liza Hartung
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Yes, Lamaze is a natural form of childbirth through breathing, but it is also a line of baby toys. Actually, Lamaze International, the center for natural childbirth, is the group that created this wonderful line of toys. All of their products focus on the main needs and desires of infants as they go through their first stages of life. Babies want attention and they want to play. These products cater to those needs.

The Phases of Lamaze

When a baby is first born he or she just wants some pretty things to look at and some soft things to touch. With this company, there are plenty of products to choose from that fit these categories. There are stuffed, plush animals that are very cute and full of bold colors. They fascinate a child's sense of sight and touch--exactly what the infant wants.

As an infant gets a little bit older, he or she begins teething and just wants things to chew on and things to bite. They make the mouth feel better as the teeth start poking through. In addition, babies begin to learn hand, mouth and feet coordination. Lamaze has toys that they can grab and feel, and even bite if they feel a need. They have rattles and tug games that are all kinds of colors and patterns and make all sorts of sounds.

This company understands that you cannot provide 100% attention to your child all the time. This is why they have come up with products for the car and for the baby's crib. These are times when you have to focus on other tasks, but don't want your baby to feel neglected in the process. There are also audio products, teething rings, and child's first books for you to help get your child started in the right direction.

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