Leap Pad Learning System

Written by Liza Hartung
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The Leap Pad learning system is quite a brilliant idea. It uses interactive books to teach children of many ages. There is a system that you get which holds all the books you will be using. If you find yourself with a bunch of books and unable to keep track of them all, there's a nifty little Leap Pad backpack for all your necessities. Children get fascinated with this system for hours.

The Enthralling Leap Pad Learning System

The Leap Pad learning system is something that new technology has not allowed us to have before. All of the books, whether the subject be in science, reading, math, or vocabulary, have fun and silly characters that will talk with your child as they go through the lessons. Also, there are fun noises that the system will make depending if your child is right or wrong in answering questions.

Many children have so much fun and are so fascinated by this system that they can barely put it down. I know some kids who have it last thing when they go to bed and first thing when they wake up. It keeps children occupied, entertained and learning. In addition, it's a great tool to bring in the car or while traveling. Don't worry about airplanes, there's a headset option to keep the noise down.

There are all kinds of books for your Leap Pad learning system. They have subjects in music, math, reading, science, phonics, vowels and the alphabet. The best part about this for your child is that each book is taught by one of many loveable characters, such as the ones from Monsters Inc., or Winnie the Pooh.

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