Written by Liza Hartung
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Leapfrog provides learning tools for kids from infancy until they are ready to graduate from high school. Yes, we all know that this is also the name of a fun, bouncy game that we have all played at some time or another. That game where we all leap over each other's backs praying that the person who is squatting does not raise their head until we have fully cleared. Luckily, this is not that game.

Educating Children with Leapfrog

The main thing I love about these products is that they have products for everyone 18 and under. It isn't just for toddlers or middle school kids. They understand that learning continues throughout life. They also understand that most kids are not big fans of studying or learning what they are supposed to while in school. Kids need to have fun while learning so that they get their creative needs satisfied as well.

There are mini toy gyms and little learning centers to hang inside a crib for your infant. If you've got a little one in preschool or kindergarten, Leapfrog gets them involved with interactive books. These books have silly sounds, voices, music, and games to encourage reading skills. These books get more advanced and involved as your child gets older. There are also age-appropriate learning games that stimulate the mind and creativity.

Something that I found very fascinating, and got a little jealous of, is the products for high school students. It's rare to find a learning game company that reaches that age level. Leapfrog has a sort of hand-held game that helps students study for the SAT and ACT. I would have been so excited to have one of those when I had to take my tests! Not only that, they have something called iQuest, which is another hand-held device. It helps students study for various subjects and has optional, interchangeable, colorful faceplates. That's so fun.

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