Written by Liza Hartung
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Leapster is one of the best educational toys your child can have. The reasons are simple. First, children have a blast playing the games and creating pictures. Many kids don't ever want to put theirs down. Second, all games and activities on this little interactive device are educational. Your children learn and have fun at the same time. Children learn most effectively when they think they are just playing.

The Leapster is a wonderful learning tool for children. It is an interactive game consol that children can hold in their hands. There is a full-color screen with buttons and a writing tool. You can purchase different game cartridges for the device. This way, the child does not get stuck playing the same games over and over again. In addition, as the child grows, higher-level games can be purchased.

Leapster Game Packs

There are games for many learning levels and starring many favorite cartoon characters. Dora the Explorer has a pack. It consists of five games, three interactive stories and over 40 basic skills. Children have fun learning about math, logic, science, reading and language. For the sports fans, parents pick up the Math Baseball pack. In this round-the-bases game, kids learn the fundamentals of math.

Is your child a big fan of Ariel or Cinderella? If so, he or she may like the Disney Princess pack. These two beautiful characters lead your child in games for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten levels. Not only can your child play educational games with Leapster, he or she can draw, write, create and learn reading skills through an interactive reading program.

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