Lego Sets

Written by Liza Hartung
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What child doesn't go nuts around Lego sets? It is one of the greatest ways to explore imagination and encourage creativity. A child opens up a set of Legos, either with a particular plan in mind or a currently forming one, and they just go. They could go for hours. I've seen kids with seemingly very low attention spans just sit with Legos for what felt like an eternity.

There is something in the colors, the new shapes, and the blank slate possibilities that is fascinating to children. Actually, I've seen adults get pretty caught up in Lego sets as well. I love when an adult is helping a child build something and the child gets bored. The child runs to find something new to do and the adult is glued to the Legos for another half hour to hour, figuring out a way to build what he had created in his imagination.

Create New Worlds with Lego Sets

There are so many sets of Legos out there where you can create almost anything imaginable. If you're looking for a technologically advanced world, try the robot set. If you have read all Harry Potter books, seen all the movies and still can't get enough, pick up the Hogwart's set. You'll be casting spells from your living room in no time.

For the sports fan kids, one of the Lego sets is an NBA set. You can also get a Spiderman set and a Star Wars set. With those, you can scale buildings or travel through space. A new one for Lego is a set that is of the Orient. It has an elephant caravan, a dragon fortress, and a tomb with a secret. Nothing is impossible or inconceivable with Legos.

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