Written by Liza Hartung
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Legos, to me, are the quintessential children's toy. They are our first building blocks and our first steps to putting our imagination into reality. The Lego products have come a long way since I was playing with them, and that wasn't too terribly long ago. I remember all of them being either square or rectangular, and a few had rounded edges. They were all done in basic, bold colors.

Imagine with Legos

Nowadays, the Lego product line is huge. They have rounded ones and thin ones and thick ones, ones that look like airplane wings, packages for boys and packages for girls. You can even get a Harry Potter Lego. Who would have guessed? Kids can make practically anything with Legos now. It's quite fun to see what a child can come up with when they've got a set in front of them.

One of the things that really amazes me is the massive Lego lands that I've seen. I have never actually been to Lego Land, but I've seen pieces of what can occur with time and imagination. I lived in London for a while. London is home to Harrods, the world's biggest department store. In the kids and toy section, they have massive Lego set-ups. One big display was about five feet tall and about three feet wide. It was a huge castle with a moat, guards, a king, a queen, a princess, and horses, everything you could want.

Lego even has a line for infants and toddlers. These Legos are more just stacking ones. Instead of lining up all the little holes, they use Lego bricks, with no holes, just stack. Lego is timeless. Children will never lose the need to create and Lego caters to that need perfectly.

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