Melissa And Doug

Written by Liza Hartung
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Melissa and Doug toys are for the old-fashioned toy lover in all of us. Yes, plastic is great and so is fluffy cotton, but nothing says "good old toy" like wooden toys. Do you remember those puzzles that had something like animals or cars carved out of wood? They all had little red knobs on them so you could take them out and put them back. I do! Those are only a few of the kinds of puzzles found in this line of children's toys.

Melissa and Doug offer all sorts of fun toys. You can get a wooden barnyard set, complete with magnetic animals. Alternatively, if you want to go a more musical route, there's Band in a Box. You really can't go wrong with the basic workbench set. If, for some reason, you don't find something you like in the above mentioned, you can pick up a wooden food cutting set.

Let's say you've got a birthday coming up for someone special. Why don't you give the Pretend Wooden Birthday Cake Set! This set comes complete with wooden candles, wooden strawberries for decoration, and a wooden cake-serving knife. Your child will have hours of fun serving the same pieces of cake repeatedly. For me personally, I would have had a blast doing this. I'd give a piece to my dad and he'd pretend to eat it by removing the cake from his plate. Then I could get it back and serve it again!

Go with the Grain of Melissa and Doug

Something that I really like about these wood sets is the painting. When you paint on wood, the colors get a real earthy feel to them. It becomes almost relaxing and grounding. Melissa and Doug products are well-crafted and made with education in mind. They focus on vocabulary development and hand-eye coordination.

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