My First Leap Pad

Written by Liza Hartung
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My First Leap Pad is a great learning tool for young kids. The age range is generally three to five, but every child is on a different learning path so make sure it is good for your child before you purchase. It is very cute for little kids. This Leap Pad is an extension of the other Leap Pads made by Leap Frog. The pages turn up rather than right to left. Also, it's just a littler smaller than a regular Leap Pad so that little fingers can fit around it.

This pad is great if you want your child to start learning the basics of reading, writing and math. It's good for parents who want to launch their children's learning and may not have the time to sit down with them. For parents who do have extra time to sit with their children, My First Leap Pad is a great tool for the two of you to use together.

My First Leap Pad for Learning Fun

Children these days are so lucky to have this technology. Learning becomes fun and not something kids want to breeze through so that they can go outside and play. Obviously, playing outside is necessary for letting out energy and physical exercise, but learning becomes equally as fun. The Leap Pad is a great tool to have on car trips. I only had crayons and coloring books, and when you're bouncing around in a car, it's not that easy to color what you want.

My First Leap Pad introduces children to the skills they will be working in when they start school. Using the Leap Pad first insures that they will not be surprised when the teacher starts putting math problems on the board. They become confident and thus will perform better as they continue with schooling.

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