Written by Liza Hartung
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If you have a new baby and you have never heard of Robeez, you may not have been in children's stores lately. This is a line of footwear for babies and young toddlers that was created in 1994 by Sandra Wilson. Her son had just turned 18 months old. This is no ordinary line of footwear. If you have ever dealt with baby shoes, you know how easily they can fall off or be pulled off. In addition, shoelaces come undone at a rapid pace.

These, and other dilemmas of baby shoes, are solved with Robeez shoes. Wilson's shoes are designed to be easily slipped on the foot, but not easily slipped off. Whether your child is wearing booties or shoes, he or she will have a special double elastic band around the ankle to keep the shoe secure. You won't have to worry about losing one, or both, of the shoes as you go about your day and take your child in and out of car seats.

Robeez and Foot Development

Researchers have found that the most developed feet occur in children who walk around barefoot most of the time. This allows the child to feel the nerve sensations of the foot as he or she walks. It also allows the development of toe gripping and muscles of the foot. Children who are constantly made to walk around in sneakers can have problems later in life.

Now, you may be asking how Robeez is different. Well, Wilson took these research facts and put them into her shoe design. She realized that children couldn't go barefoot all the time. They could, however, wear shoes that allowed them to walk flat-footed, feel the ground through the leather and have maximum toe room with shoes that are snug.

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